Hi ! My name is Alex and I am a 31 years old, Montreal based tech entrepreneur, artist, investor, father of 2 daughters, geek and web developer.

I am currently working on an ambitious NFT project called Children of Ukiyo after 10 years of launching, scaling and investing in Startups. I’ve always wanted to build something greater than myself that would benefit others and since I’ve jumped in the web3 space, all the dots started to connect. I found a way to give back, generate wealth around me and have fun along the journey.

My core value is to give back, I’ve been doing this for years by investing thousands in projects, giving hundred of hours to dozens of entrepreneurs in mentorship, connecting people, helping charities, etc. I’m now planning to dedicate at the very least the next 10 years of my life to build in web3 and I’ll be shifting most of my assets towards that. I’m going all in and I’m looking forward to build along so many creative people in this amazing community.

Before getting into Crypto/NFT/Web3, I was Head of Product and technology @ helloDarwin a service marketplace for businesses. I’m also still an Advisor / Investor @ Moka (e-commerce), @ Gallea (Seed Stage Art Marketplace), @ Planned (Post Serie-A SaaS/Marketplace for corporate events) where I was the first Investor and interim CTO in their first year and a mentor in a few entrepreneur programs like NextAI and Desjardins Startups in Residence. Fast-forward a few years back, I also operated as e-commerce director for Poches & Fils a multi-million dollars fashion e-commerce company that I co-founded, scaled and exited. In my career I’ve worked on close to 50 tech projects and now I’m looking to use my experiences to build something of my own, in a new and exciting space.

I am always looking to meet new people, help others and talk about tech and  business so don’t hesitate to contact me.