BonApp was a Montreal based social project aiming to reduce food waste by educating and offering tools to the community. The project was created at a Startup Weekend in 2015 and evolved under the leadership of Geneviève Rousseau (now director of culture & people at DesignStripe) over the years. I was part of the founding startup weekend team and then helped with the development in my free time for over a year before I switched to a more passive/financial role when we decided to pivot towards a network of fridges and a more “grassroot approach” to the food waste problem instead of a tech-oriented play.

During the project, the company put in place a network of over 10 fridges installed in Montreal where the community could exchange food. Bonapp also built a strong network of partners and established itself as a leader in the Montreal food waste reduction movement.

BonApp has been featured on : CBC, Nightlife, Novae, Journal Métro, le devoir, l’actualité, Devenir Entrepreneur and many more.

BonApp merged with Pantry in order to continue the fight against food waste from another angle after Geneviève decided to focus on new exciting projects!

Key milestones :

To learn more about the project you can visit the website.