BonApp is a Montreal based social project aiming to reduce food waste by educating and offering tools to the community. The project was created at a Startup Weekend in 2015 and evolved under the leadership of Geneviève Rousseau over the years. I acted as the technical co-founder of the project for the first year when we were working on a web application. I stepped out to become more of an advisor when we decided to pivot towards a network of fridges and a more “grassroot approach” to the food waste problem.

The company currently has a network of around 10 fridges installed in Montreal where the community can exchange food. Bonapp has also built a strong network of partners and established itself as a leader in the Montreal food waste reduction movement.

BonApp has been featured on : CBC, Nightlife, Novae, Journal Métro, le devoir, l’actualité, Devenir Entrepreneur and many more.

Key milestones :


To learn more about the project you can visit the website.