Children of Ukiyo

Children of Ukiyo is the current NFT project on which I’m working. More details will be revealed in due time. But I can say that we’re working on something unique and not just a derivative or a pale imitation of other projects. We really want to forge our own path from Art to Utility.

CoU will be a bridge between the metaverses and the real world. Delivering value both inside and outside of our community.

I started to work on many parts of the project’s concept a few years ago, even before I knew it would take form within the NFT space. I started to piece them together within the web3 ecosystem back in November after I left my previous startup. And somehow I had never felt that kind of sensation, where I finally found a project where I could merge my passions for art, anime, technology along with my skill set of building and scaling businesses. All that while staying true to my core value of generosity, diversity, community, innovation.

This project is my calling. I’m pledging most of my wealth and time towards it. I’ve turned down $200k jobs and small public company CEO jobs offers to go all-in into this project. Because this space is closer to who I really am. I’ve enabled my inner full-degen mode to Ape into this project. Most people in my surrounding think I’m crazy. But IYKYK, I had to do it.

I don’t know for sure what format the project will take years from now since the community will help me build past the initial stage. But I have a vision, we have funding, I’m building a great team, we already have some partnerships, product pieces, so let’s race towards the unknown together and build something amazing.

I don’t know where we’ll exactly be in a few years from now, but I suspect it will be on the Moon or further than that, with my fellow Children of Ukiyo degens.