La fourmi

After closing my web agency I really wanted to gain experience in different fields and test my worth as an aspiring entrepreneur even if I was still in school so I started to test a few business ideas and one of those that worked best at the time was an Insect based food brand called La Fourmi.

I launched the project with a friend of mine who introduced me to the idea as he was really interested in entomophagy. Back in 2013-2014 this trend was still unheard of in Quebec and very few players already existed in North-America but we still tried our luck with the projects.

We succeeded to build a small insect farm in order to eventually create our own supply and we also started to resell imported La Fourmi products to test the waters (bars, bbq crickets, mealworms, etc.). Even if we achieved a small profitability really early on, there was too much resistance coming from everywhere so the growth was really slow.

Since we both had other things going on, we decided to shift to a passive income strategy that lasted for almost a year before we chose to sell our supply and shut down the company.

*I’m happy to see that a few years later the trend finally kicked in a little in Quebec with companies like Wilder Harrier and Näak starting to be more mainstream.

A few achievements : 

  • First commercial entomophagy e-commerce website in quebec
  • Sponsored various sports team for almost a year
  • Introduced over a 100 clients to entomophagy