As soon as I learned to code back in 2010 I started to offer my services as a freelance website developer. At first it would only be some pretty small static websites but I was improving really fast and I started to get more interesting projects for my portfolio. In 2012 I was starting to generate some interesting revenues especially for a full time student so when the time came where I was supposed to do an unpaid internship for 3 months in a boring company in order to graduate I decided to launch my first real business Expresso Technologies instead and hire myself as an intern.

I ran expresso for a little bit more than a year and I was earning good money but since I was now a full time IT engineering student I was starting to have difficulty scaling my business due to a lack of resources and time. That is when I decided to find a partner who could handle clients, marketing and other administrative tasks while I would focus on design and development. Marc-Antoine Arbour joined the team and we changed the name of the business to Mandoline Agence Web.

Together we worked on dozens of website projects for SME’s within a few months only and it was a pretty good run until Marc-Antoine had to leave for the west Canadian coast. This was one of the triggers that led me to sell most of our client list and close down the business a few months after in order to start other projects.

I Sold the company client list in 2015 for a first small business exit.