Poches & Fils

Poches & Fils is a Montreal based e-commerce fashion brand specialized in pocket tees. We offer over 5000 different combinations of basics shirts and original pockets for men, women and children. The company now also offer Shirts, socks, boxers, hats, phone cases and even more original products.

I joined the founding team (Anthony Vendrame and Nicolas Dubeau) as the technical co-founder in early 2015 and due to a really fast growth I quickly had to drop all my other projects and go full time in the pocket selling game. Up until early 2018 I was responsible for everything tech / web related in the company, from the website (e-commerce strategy, web development, user experience) to the internal IT needs of the company (ERP, production applications, collaboration tools, etc.) as well as leading the customer service team for a while.

I decided to step out of my active role after a bit more than 3 years since the company was headed towards a more traditional expansion strategy with a focus on wholesale instead of e-commerce. I felt the need to find new challenges and get back to projects that would benefit even more from my skills.

I sold a part of my shares in 2018 in order to be able to invest in other ventures and finally concluded a full exit in 2019 with the sale of my remaining shares to a strategic angel investor and a key employee. I still help when possible and remain a part of the P&F family.

A few facts and numbers from the time I was at P&F :

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